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Treatment Fees

Treatment   Price

Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (including bitewing x-rays if needed)


Child Examination

Dental Hygiene:

Dental Scale and polish

  €55 per visit
            Dental Scale and polish (regular 6 monthly visits)   €45 per visit

Advanced Gum Treatment

  €85 per visit
Combined Health Check and Hygiene Visit   €85



White (composite resin) 

  from €70 to €125

Silver (amalgam) 

  from €65 to €100

Routine Extraction 


Surgical Extraction


Wisdom tooth Extraction


Acyclic-based Dentures

  from €250 to €350 per arch

Metal-Based Dentures

  from €670 to €750 per arch

Root Canal Treatment (including x-rays, filling of access cavity and the end):

            Front tooth   €300
            Premolar   €400
            Molar   €500

Core/ Post Preparation

  from €100 to €150


from €800 to €900 
Teeth Whitening:

Bleaching pack including scale and polish

  € 350



Payment Options

We also accept cash and cheques.

Further Information

  1. Every patient has different dental care needs. In order to provide a proper diagnosis of your condition, we will need to do a thorough examination with all the necessary x-rays during your initial visit.
  2. Your treatment costs will depend on the condition of your teeth and gums, the treatment recommended and the options you choose.
  3. The following are indicative private prices for some of the more common treatments.
  4. Should you have any further questions or need clarification at any stage, please ask a member of staff or your dentist.
  5. We will provide you with a treatment plan including estimates prices if you so wish.
  6. Med 2 forms can be provided to allow you to claim tax relief on eligible treatments


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