We have a range of associates with specialities available at Belvedere dental. We will organise appointments for you, and a combined approach is used with some specialists to give you an integrated treatment plan.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is placed where there are missing teeth, It consists of a metal ‘root’ that is put below the gums and integrates into the bone. A crown, bridges, and even dentures can be constructed on top of the implant. Because the implant attaches to the bone, it gives great support for any replacement teeth and can seem more like chewing with your real teeth.
We have several implant specialists in Waterford that we work closely with. In some cases, the dental implant can be placed and the crown can be constructed here at Belvedere dental, Waterford.

Endodontics (specialist root canal)

For advanced or difficult cases needing root canal treatment, we can refer to a practice in Waterford city which specialises in doing root canals, they use the most advanced technology and materials to ensure you have a great result. Again, a crown can be constructed for you at our clinic in Belvedere Drive.


We have several excellent orthodontists to refer to, sometimes treatment here can be integrated, teeth always need to have healthy gums for orthodontic treatment to work, and we work closely with any orthodontics to ensure a good result. Sometimes orthodontic work can be completed with a particular set up in mind that allows us to complete crown, bridgework, or fillings to be placed after removal of the brace.

Orthodontics is NOT just for children, any age can get their teeth straightened, and sometimes adult patients are ideal since they are driven and know what outcome they want. Several different types of orthodontic treatment types are available including practically invisible braces including Invisalign and Incognito braces.

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